For Beginners: Rules to Know Before Getting On Your ATV

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) can be exciting to own and cherish if you fully understand responsibilities associated with them. Here are a few rules you should be aware of before stepping onto your four-wheeled toy and attempting to drive.

Rule #1: Make sure paperwork is in order

You cannot simply buy an ATV, get on and drive without first going through the proper steps to ensure that it is registered and insured. While some states do not require a permit to operate the motor vehicle on heavily populated roads, some regions require drivers to obtain additional certification and authorization for full privileges. It is imperative to have all paperwork in order before getting on your ATV.

Rule #2: Invest in quality protective gear

Your status as a beginner can literally hurt if you are not wearing the right protective gear. A good motorcycle helmet coupled with gloves and goggles will guard against serious injury. Long pants, over-the-ankle boots and a long-sleeved jacket are also great safety measures.

Rule #3: Practice like crazy

Whoever said practice makes perfect was ever so right. Taking your ATV for a ride on level surfaces and open fields is the best way to perfect your driving skills. Taking the four-wheeler on more challenging tracks will come with time and experience.

Rule #4: Start from the bottom and then work your way up

Don’t pop a wheelie just yet. When starting out on your ATV, your focus should be on gaining and maintaining control. Only after you have become one with the vehicle to the extent of understanding its flow should you attempt to do tricks.

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