Three pieces of misinformation out there regarding health insurance

Health insurance is essential for protecting your health and your finances. Consumers need to be informed about health insurance to make the right decisions when purchasing coverage.

At The Insurance Mart, we can help you research your health insurance options in Blue Ridge, GA. The following are three pieces of misinformation consumers need to be wary of regarding health insurance. 

Lower premiums always mean more affordable coverage.

While choosing a health insurance policy with lower premiums might mean lower costs if you don’t have any health problems, such policies can be very expensive when you need to use them.

Less expensive policies typically mean less coverage. This means more scenarios where you’ll have to pay out of pocket for healthcare services. Choosing a policy with higher premiums that offers more coverage may be more affordable in the long run. 

An employer-sponsored health plan is always the best health insurance option.

Some employers offer better health insurance than others. If your employer’s health insurance offerings leave something to be desired, you might be better off purchasing health insurance independently or through affiliation with an organization other than the company you work for. 

Do research before assuming your employer’s group health plan is the best option. 

Healthy young people don’t need health insurance.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming you don’t need health insurance coverage because you’re young and healthy. 

Even if you’re healthy now, you never know when a costly health problem may come up. That’s why you should always have health insurance regardless of how young and healthy you are. 

If you want to learn more about health insurance options for consumers in Blue Ridge, GA, we can come to your assistance at The Insurance Mart. Browse our website to learn how to contact us and inquire about our health insurance policy options.