Does Georgia Require Commercial Insurance for a Home Business?

At the Insurance Mart, we know that Blue Ridge, GA folks are creative and capable. Many of you have put your skills to work making money from home, and it might be expanding into a full-fledged business. Having the proper insurance coverage for your business can help your new endeavor thrive.

The Basics of Commercial Insurance

Every business has different needs, so commercial insurance is built to be adaptable. Like personal insurance, the commercial version has you commit to a policy that covers specified perils minus your deductible, in exchange for a recurring premium charge. Most providers have packages with a range of coverage that the typical business needs, but they may or may not have packages made with home businesses in mind.

Required Coverages

If your business employs three or more people, then you are required by state law to carry worker’s compensation coverage. Any vehicle that you operate in the course of business will need commercial auto insurance. There are no legal obligations beyond those, but other businesses may require them. Typically, this applies to brick-and-mortar businesses that rent a space.

What Risks Does a Home Business Face?

The primary difference between a home business and any other business is where they operate. Since you’re using your home, your business has no real estate that it needs to protect. You still face that risk, but it’s going to be covered by your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance.

Otherwise, home businesses may be financially liable if they make an error that causes damage or a data breach exposes sensitive files. The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA can help you identify where your business might encounter risk and shop for a policy that covers those risks.

Types of Auto Insurance Georgia Residents Should Know

Do you own or lease a car in Georgia? Then you know that you need auto insurance. But how much auto coverage do you need? The state of Georgia requires liability insurance as a bare minimum. You don’t have to settle for the minimum, though. You have other coverage options. At The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA, we help people make sense of car insurance. If you want to go beyond the minimum, here are the options you should know. 

Uninsured Motorist Insurance 

Not everyone follows the rules when it comes to insurance. Some people may drive every day without minimum coverage. So what happens if one of these drivers collides with your car? Their lack of insurance shouldn’t cost you money. Uninsured motorist insurance can keep you covered, so you don’t have to pay for their mistakes. 

Physical Damage Insurance 

Your liability insurance covers damage to other people’s vehicles. But what about your own vehicle? With only the minimum insurance coverage, you may have to pay for repairs out of pocket. 

Physical damage insurance prevents this situation. It covers damage to your own car in case of a collision. You can also buy additional coverage that would help with non-collision damage. 

Classic Car Insurance 

Classic cars require liability insurance, too. If you drive a classic car, you may also want specific coverage that goes beyond the basics. Classic car insurance focuses on the car’s market value, not just the sum of its parts. 

The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA 

How can you know if you have the right coverage? You can start by reviewing your coverage once a year. This way, you can make sure you have what you need in light of life’s changes. Have questions about your insurance options? The Insurance Mart team would love to help. Contact us today or visit us here in Blue Ridge, GA. 

What Should Your Health Insurance Cover

Health insurance is important in case the worst happens as medical bills can be high if you do not have the right coverage. So, what kind of health insurance should you have, and what is a must to add to your insurance?

The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA is proud to offer health insurance to residents in the following states:

  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Florida
  • South Carolina

The Insurance Mart works with several providers so that we can ensure that the insurance you end up choosing suits you and your needs. 

Health Insurance Must-Haves

Health insurance is not easy to navigate, but we recommend that you consider the following health insurance items: 

  • Dental health, as even when looking after your teeth well, sometimes you can’t avoid the need for dental treatment
  • Life insurance, especially if you have children or debt, so you do not leave debt behind for your family to deal with

What Impacts Your Health Insurance

Health insurance can be different for everyone, and you and our advisors will look at the following to determine what additional coverage you should add:

  • Your age, as unfortunately, certain ages come with certain health risks
  • Your lifestyles, such as your diet, exercise routine, and smoking habits that could affect your health
  • Current and past medical conditions
  • Where you live, some areas might provide more risks to your health than others

If you want to receive a quote for health insurance, contact Julie at The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA GA today We will determine what type of coverage is most relevant to you and your situation and provide you with different quote options from our wide range of providers. 

Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an investment and, like with any investment, you need to know your options. Here at The Insurance Mart serving the area of Blue Ridge, GA, we would like to talk about the two main types of life insurance available to you so that you can make an informed choice when it comes to making sure your family is taken care of after your death.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is just that, life insurance for a specified term or timeframe in your life. If you die within that term, the death benefit is paid out to the beneficiaries that you have listed in your policy. If you don’t die, then you have to renew your policy or let it lapse. The benefit of this type of policy is that the premium is (usually) lower in the beginning. As you age, it often gets harder to renew, more expensive to have, or both.

Cash Value Life Insurance

This type of life insurance has several different names but the most common alternative is whole life insurance. This type of insurance is for the entire length of your life. It is paid to your beneficiaries upon your death. This type of insurance may also have a cash value attached to it in addition to the death benefit. There are several benefits to this type of policy, the only real downside being that the premiums are expensive in the beginning. However, in the long run, the insurance premium evens out.

Act Today

To get your head around the type of life insurance that will best suit you and your pocket, speak to the people at The Insurance Mart serving Blue Ridge, GA today and rest easy knowing that your family is in good hands.

Are You Working on Both Coasts? You Need Secondary Dwelling Insurance

Many people in Blue Ridge GA, have great jobs that may require them to travel a lot. Some may even have homes on two different coasts of the country due to their work needs. If you need secondary dwelling insurance to help you out, contact us at The Insurance Mart to learn more.

What You Need to Know About Secondary Dwelling Insurance 

Secondary dwelling insurance will help you if you need to regularly travel between two homes on different sides of the country for work. It helps cover your second home (whichever you decide meets that label) with an insurance policy close to your standard option. 

For instance, it will help protect against various types of damage, including problems caused by fire, lightning, storms, and much more. It can also help with being away from home for extended periods. 

However, you’ll have to upgrade your policy to pay for things like fires, floods, hurricanes, and much more. And if you have a home on the west coast, earthquake insurance is essential. Adding this extra coverage is critical if you don’t spend a lot of time at that house and miss out on the quake. 

If you’re smart about how you bundle this type of insurance, you might be able to get a policy that covers both of your homes. But, first, you’ll need to find a national insurer, someone who works in various states and who provides comprehensive and coherent help that makes sense. 

Let Us Help You 

If your secondary home is in Blue Ridge, GA, or the surrounding area and you want a policy to keep it safe, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Insurance Mart right away to learn more. Our team is always standing by to help people like you get the coverage you need.

The benefits of Recreational Insurance

RVs are spectacular vehicles for undertaking long road trips because it’s a vehicle and a home in one package. Rather than providing this breathtaking experience of exploration, they also need prolific protection. Just like other RV owners out there in Blue Ridge, GA you would want to reap the maximum benefits you accrue from your vehicle. Connect with our charismatic agents at The Insurance Mart; they will assist you in acquiring outstanding recreational insurance that guarantees you to enjoy unlimited fun with your RV stress-free. By investing in formidable recreational insurance, you will accrue the following benefits.

Protect your asset

Every time your RV hits the roadways in Blue Ridge, GA  you need to get financially prepared for any unexpected eventualities that may happen to it even off the road. Regrettably, perils like accidents, fire, and vandalism can compromise your asset. To avert these out-of-pocket settlements, you need recreational insurance to cater to repairs and your RV. Buying content coverage will offer the additional advantage of safeguarding your possessions that get lost or damaged in your RV.

Liability protection

Recreational insurance may also safeguard you from claims, accident liabilities, and lawsuits. Liability insurance in your recreational insurance caters to costs culminating from injuries and property damage you cause to third parties and if found to be legally responsible.

Protect you and your passengers

Recreational insurance accords you peace of mind, knowing that you and your passengers boarding your RV are protected during a road trip or enjoying a vacation. If you procure medical payment coverage on your recreational insurance, your medical expenses accrued when involved in an accident get catered to with ease.

It’s a legal requirement.

Just like your car or home, many states, including Georgia, require your RV to carry liability insurance. Hitting the roads of Georgia devoid of this type of recreational insurance might subject you to stiff penalties and fines. Furthermore, you will be required to cover any overall accident costs out of pocket.

Do you need to explore the Blue Ridge, GA countryside stress-free? This exploration requires formidable recreational insurance that safeguards you and your RV from imminent perils like theft and accidents. Don’t hesitate to contact us at The Insurance Mart and start your insurance journey with us.

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Insurance

When it comes to getting insurance for your business, you need proper commercial insurance to cushion your business against financial losses. While buying insurance is one thing, getting the best out of your coverage is another thing. In light of this, The Insurance Mart of Blue Ridge, GA shares tips on harnessing the power of your commercial insurance.

Ensure that the most critical areas are covered

Commercial insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all investment. What fits one company won’t necessarily work for another business. That said, you need to evaluate your business insurance needs with your agent to ensure that you carry appropriate insurance. Your insurance agent should customize your commercial insurance policy to fit your unique needs.

Read your commercial insurance policy carefully

If you want to get the most out of your commercial insurance coverage, you must understand the nitty-gritty of your insurance policy. Since the devil is always in the details, understanding the terms of your commercial insurance policy helps you know what is covered and what isn’t covered. 

Keep your commercial insurance current

It’s vital to keep your commercial insurance updated to ensure that you aren’t underpaying or overpaying your premiums. You should review your commercial insurance at least twice every year. Besides, changes in your business offering, workforce, location, and size, are enough triggers to update your commercial insurance policy. 

Be close with your insurance agent

Partnering with a trusted insurance agent is a life-saver for your business. An insurance agent is like your financial advisor that helps your business get protection against numerous risks. Pay attention to your agent’s recommendation to harness the power of your commercial insurance.

Buy commercial insurance today!

Are you looking for a trusted partner to help you get the most out of your commercial insurance? Please partner with The Insurance Mart of Blue Ridge, GA for all your home insurance solutions. 

Important health insurance term to understand

What could be more important than protecting your health?  Health insurance makes getting the care you need possible and early detection can keep you from ending up with serious conditions. Picking a health insurance plan that can provide the care you need is not easy, it requires you to familiarize yourself with some insurance terms you never thought you would need to learn. At The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA, we are a family-owned and operated independent agency that serves the Tri-state area. 

Managed care

You may have heard the term managed care and wondered what exactly it means. It is actually a good thing; it means your healthcare insurance company has made a deal with medical providers to provide care for their members at a reduced price. Not all managed care is the same, there are three basic types: HMO, PPO, and POS. 

HMO– With an HMO you must use providers in your network. In the case of a dire emergency, you might be reimbursed for an expense outside your network, but you are expected to stay in-network. 

PPO-With a PPO you also have a network, but you can choose to use a provider outside your network. You will pay more to use a provider not in-network, but they will be covered. 

POS-A POS has some features of both an HMO and a PPO. 

High deductible plan

These health plans have a very high deductible. Most expenses you incur you will have to pay yourself. Many employer plans fit into this category.


An HSA is a Healthcare Savings Account. It allows you to save money pre-tax that you use to pay your medical expenses. It works well with a high deductible plan. 

If you are in the market for health insurance or any type of insurance, contact us at The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA.

Understanding Confusing Health Insurance Terms: Copays

Over the years, many Blue Ridge, GA residents have contacted us at The Insurance Mart about confusing insurance terms, such as copays. Thankfully, this concept isn’t as hard to understand as you may think, mainly when explained to you by a trusted professional who fully understands it.

What is a Copay?

A copay is a flat fee that you have to pay for certain types of health services. This fee may change depending on your service and your provider. For instance, you may have a $25 copay for all doctor visits and a $30 copay on your medications. This means you have to pay this money upfront, while your insurance company will pay the remaining portion of your bill.

Insurance companies set these up as a cost-sharing technique to help cut back significantly on your bills. For example, you may end up paying less than 10 percent of your doctor visit with a copay. These payments can be adjusted in some ways by increasing your monthly bills or changing your plans – doing so may decrease what you pay.

Is a copay the same thing as coinsurance? No, because a coinsurance cost is indicated by a percentage and not a flat rate. For example, a copay on your medicines would be listed as $25 – meaning you have to pay $25 whenever you get your prescription. But a coinsurance of 20 percent means you’d pay 20 percent of whatever you bill costs: with your insurance company taking up the 80 percent that you do not pay.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you still need help understanding the nature of copays in Blue Ridge, GA, and want to talk to someone you can trust, please reach out to us at The Insurance Mart right away to get the valuable insight you need. We can help you fully understand your copay and do what we can to decrease their costs.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

Most people toy with the idea of life insurance but rarely give this important topic the attention it deserves. Think about it for a moment; What would happen if you suddenly fell ill, died, and left a substantial medical bill behind? The chances are that your immediate family would use the small savings in your account to deal with the situation. But beyond this point, your dependents would live a life of financial struggle. 

Our life insurance package at the Insurance Mart solves this dilemma for you. 

Why You Need Life Insurance Urgently

Life is fragile, which makes death an inevitable reality. Unfortunately, there’s never a clear plan for most people on how their dependence can manage life when they are no longer in the picture. Here’s what having life insurance means for you and your loved ones. 

Your Dependent’s Life Must Continue 

If you are a breadwinner, the eventuality of death can destabilize your keen’s life in a big way. Think about your young children and their future. Consider the burden you might pass to your wife when death snatches their only wage earner. The good news is that our life insurance coverage at The Insurance Mart ensures that your dependent’s life doesn’t stop. Your lifetime of savings becomes a financial pillar for them.  

Any Underlying Debts Will Need Clearance 

Most of us make plans with the hope of a long life. Whether it’s a mortgage for your house in Blue Ridge GA, or a car loan, unexpected death can put your immediate family in trouble. However, if you have life insurance, the coverage comes in handy after death. This insurance plan will help your family settle any underlying debts before the creditors come knocking. 

Live through Life with Peace of Mind 

Everyone reflects on the future and its prospects. If you don’t have a financial plan in place, the fear of the unknown can overwhelm you when such thoughts crop up. People who have life insurance live through life with a clear conscience. The assurance that even in death, all will be well is fulfilling. 

Build Your Ark Today

It’s essential to have something your family can fall back to when the storms of death come knocking. Wise people consider life insurance to be an ark they build in their lifetime for the sake of their dependents. With our life insurance package at The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA, residents can now enjoy reliable insurance coverage. Get in touch with our agents for the best insurance solutions.