Fall Home Shopping Checklist: The Supplies You Need To Autumn-proof Your home

Fall is setting in, and that means getting your home ready for the change in the weather. Now, depending on your climate, you may or may not need every single thing on this shopping list, but you’re going to have a rough Autumn if you don’t prepare for it as early as possible:

  • Weather-stripping and caulk for sealing up any leaks and drafty spots
  • Firewood and newspaper for kindling if you use a stove or a fireplace
  • Propane, if you use gas-heating
  • Batteries, for smoke and CO monitors, as well as flashlights
  • A humidifier, if you live in a dry climate and don’t have one already
  • Furnace filters
  • Blankets, sweaters, and anything else you’re short on to keep you cozy in the cold
  • Space heaters, even if you have central heating, you’ll want one or two of these if you need to do any work in the attic, garage or storerooms
  • Rock salt, for clearing away ice if it gets a little frosty out before December
  • Canned food, for those days when you just don’t feel like braving the weather for groceries
  • Heating tape for your pipes
  • Bottled water, in case your pipes do freeze
  • Galoshes, raincoats, umbrellas, etc.

Again, you might not need everything on this list. Some of these supplies you no doubt have on hand already. All the same, while the Insurance Mart will help you to protect your home should the unforeseen take place, it’s your job to make sure you’re prepared for the foreseeable. Stocking up before the chill sets in will let you ride out the colder months in comfort.