Packing for Business Trips

After you finish corresponding with all the right people for your business trip, get your tasks plugged into your agenda, arrange for your stay and breathe a sigh of relief, you realize that you only have 20 minutes until you have to leave home and you haven’t packed anything yet. Having any kind of plan clears your mind and lowers your stress level. Setting a timer will help you focus. Read about using your daily routine as a last-minute packing plan.

Morning Shower

Put a toiletries bag on the counter and leave it open (it will be the last thing you put in your suitcase). Put all the toiletries you used that morning (not the ones you usually use at night) in the bag.

Getting Dressed

Pack 2 of each outer clothing item (2 pants, 2 shirts, etc.). Open each dresser drawer and grab what you need within 30 seconds. Don’t over think it. Write down what you need to take but isn’t in your bedroom.

Head to the kitchen for food

Grab a plastic bag and move through the kitchen from left to right stopping to pick up snacks and containers to put snacks from the refrigerator into. Stop at the refrigerator last to make a couple of sandwiches for the road.

Nighttime Routine

Head back to your bedroom and grab 2 pajamas, slippers, a robe, etc. then throw the toiletries you use at night into the still-opened toiletries bag. Pack a couple of magazines or books to read before bed and you’re done.

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