Liability Protection Under Secondary Dwelling Insurance

Comprehending Liability Protection in Secondary Dwelling Insurance

In the Blue Ridge, GA area, understanding liability protection is paramount when insuring a secondary dwelling, whether it’s a guesthouse, rental property, or vacation home. Secondary dwelling insurance offers coverage beyond mere property damage, extending protection to homeowners against possible legal and financial liabilities.

Deciphering Liability Coverage Basics

Within insurance for secondary dwellings, liability protection safeguards against legal repercussions originating from injuries or damages to the insured property. Liability coverage is activated when the property owner is deemed responsible, providing financial aid for legal charges, medical costs, and settlement expenses.

Pondering Coverage Limits and Considerations

Typically, secondary dwelling insurance includes a predetermined liability limit, which reflects the cap amount the insurer commits to pay for a covered liability claim. By evaluating their liability risk exposure, property owners must choose coverage boundaries that align with their financial capacities and possible legal liabilities.

Understanding Guest Injury Liability

When a guest suffers an injury on the property, liability coverage assists in resolving medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and probable legal actions. This is particularly essential for rental or vacation homeowners.

Assessing Property Damage Liability

Our liability protection caters not only to bodily injuries but also to damages to third-party properties. Whether a guest’s assets get damaged during their stay in your secondary dwelling or if you inadvertently harm a neighbor’s fence, liability coverage offers financial assistance for the necessary repairs or replacements.

Preparing for Legal Defense Costs

In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, secondary dwelling insurance shoulders legal defense expenditures, including attorney charges and court costs, essential for property owners to ensure they have the resources for a proper legal defense.

How The Insurance Mart Can Assist You

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What Is Secondary Dwelling Insurance, and What does it Cover?

Do you have a second home in Blue Ridge, GA? Wondering whether you need a new home insurance policy, or you can extend your current insurance plan to cover your second home? All these are questions that tend to worry many homeowners with more than one home. However,

The Insurance Mart is here to shed light on secondary dwelling insurance — coverage you may need if you have two or more homes.

What is secondary dwelling insurance?

This policy covers your second home the same way your primary home insurance protects your current home. You may think of extending your current home insurance to your second home, but this may not work since your new home has unique risks. For sure, you can extend liability coverage to your new home, but what about damages and losses? As such, you need secondary dwelling insurance.

What does secondary dwelling insurance cover?

How do you want to use your second home? Perhaps, you want to use your new home as a vacation house, or you simply want to rent it out. Whatever the reason, here are the coverage options you can opt for your new home:

  • Dwelling coverage: It protects your home against physical damage. Besides, your coverage can protect detached structures like the shed, garage, and fence at an additional premium.
  • Liability coverage: Just like your primary home, you can be held responsible for injuries and property damage you cause to other people.
  • Flood insurance: You need to consider a flood insurance endorsement if your home is located in a flood risk zone.
  • Rental coverage: If your second home is a rental, you need rental coverages to help you avoid financial losses.

Would you like to invest in secondary dwelling insurance in Blue Ridge, GA? Please get in touch with The Insurance Mart for an affordable quote.

Are You Working on Both Coasts? You Need Secondary Dwelling Insurance

Many people in Blue Ridge GA, have great jobs that may require them to travel a lot. Some may even have homes on two different coasts of the country due to their work needs. If you need secondary dwelling insurance to help you out, contact us at The Insurance Mart to learn more.

What You Need to Know About Secondary Dwelling Insurance 

Secondary dwelling insurance will help you if you need to regularly travel between two homes on different sides of the country for work. It helps cover your second home (whichever you decide meets that label) with an insurance policy close to your standard option. 

For instance, it will help protect against various types of damage, including problems caused by fire, lightning, storms, and much more. It can also help with being away from home for extended periods. 

However, you’ll have to upgrade your policy to pay for things like fires, floods, hurricanes, and much more. And if you have a home on the west coast, earthquake insurance is essential. Adding this extra coverage is critical if you don’t spend a lot of time at that house and miss out on the quake. 

If you’re smart about how you bundle this type of insurance, you might be able to get a policy that covers both of your homes. But, first, you’ll need to find a national insurer, someone who works in various states and who provides comprehensive and coherent help that makes sense. 

Let Us Help You 

If your secondary home is in Blue Ridge, GA, or the surrounding area and you want a policy to keep it safe, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Insurance Mart right away to learn more. Our team is always standing by to help people like you get the coverage you need.

What is a home inventory and why do I need one

Blue Ridge, GA refers to itself as “Georgia’s Coolest town” and no one can question that it is a great place to call home. Sadly, even in the coolest place, things happen that can damage your home. It is not something that anyone likes to think about but it is a reality. Filing a claim is not something anyone looks forward to but there are some things that can make it less of a hassle. A home inventory is one of those things. The Insurance Mart wants to make sure that you understand that they are there for you through all the times of your life.

A home inventory is a record of all of your possessions. In some cases that may be very minimal but more likely, you have lots of things that you own and may only use seasonally or rarely and that you never think about. There are several different ways that you can go about creating an inventory. The more traditional approach is to use paper and pen to write down the items that are in each room. This can be supplemented with photos to add additional verification. Don’t forget closets, the basement, and attic. 

If you are able to do the inventory digitally that is another option. No matter which way you opt to create your inventory you need to make it as detailed as possible and also include as much backup info as possible in the form of invoices or receipts. Once your inventory is complete it should be stored in a safe place like a safety deposit box or possibly in the cloud. You want it to be easily accessible if the need arises. 

When you are ready to talk about your home insurance, The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA is there to discuss your needs with you. Stop by the office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

As the property owner, can I use secondary dwelling and rental insurance to rent out my second residence when I’m not there?

You may live in Blue Ridge, GA and have a secondary residence there too, or your second home may be somewhere else. Regardless, if you don’t spend much time at the second house, you may be thinking about making extra money by renting it out. 

Renting out your primary home– short term or a regular thing?

When you think about what kind of insurance to buy for your main property, you need to consider whether you want to make it a regular thing or if you are just doing this as something special.

You may be able to just add onto your existing policy if this is a rare occasion, but otherwise, you will need to talk with The Insurance Mart about business insurance, because regular homeowners insurance doesn’t cover what happens when you are operating as a business.

Second-home rentals

The same principle applies when you are using your second home as a regular rental. To protect your property, you will need to make sure you have landlord insurance. It will not only protect your physical property, but it will also give you important liability protection for when your renters and their guests are on your property. 

You may want to make sure your tenants also know they need to get renters insurance to protect their personal belongings. You can make that a condition of the lease. 

If you live in or around Blue Ridge, GA, we can help you figure out what kind of insurance coverage you need based on your plans. If you are interested in purchasing a policy or if you just have questions, feel free to call The Insurance Mart today. 

What Is Secondary Dwelling Insurance?

Are You Referring To My Shed Out Back?

Good try – but no, your shed, detached garage or storage building is generally part of your homeowner’s insurance policy proper.

So, what exactly is secondary dwelling insurance?  It could be your shed, detached garage or storage building however, now it is being reformatted for use as a dwelling. That means you have decided to convert this space for habitation. The structure can be attached to the home or detached. The stipulation is that the dwelling is on the same lot of property as the primary dwelling. 

 Secondary dwelling insurance is in order because you may incur additional liabilities while this dwelling is being constructed.  This additional portion or your separate dwelling space has a new date of establishment which differs from your primary dwelling. The age difference is only one major factor. The other factors involved are variable and should be discussed with a professional. It is separate from your homeowner’s insurance policy because that has been in place and the size has been pre-determined. This new dwelling will fall under the secondary dwelling insurance policy. Speak with an agent who will be able to direct you appropriately.

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Does my home insurance policy cover jewelry, paintings, and other valuables?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers everything in your home, right? Well, maybe not. It’s always best to look at your own policy, so talk to an insurance agent at The Insurance Mart near Blue Ridge, GA to determine your coverage, but in general, your valuables are not fully covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What is Covered?

All policies are different, but most home insurance policies cover damage to your home, garage, or other buildings, such as a shed. They also cover items inside your home, such as furniture and clothing. For jewelry, paintings, and other valuables, most policies only cover these items up to a certain amount, and there is often a single item amount as well as a group amount.

How Does This Work?

We’ll look at jewelry as an example. Your policy may cover the overall category of jewelry up to $4,000, and any given single piece up to $2,000. This means if your jewelry is stolen, the maximum amount that you will get compensated for is $4,000, even if $10,000 worth of jewelry was stolen. Similarly, if you have a single piece of jewelry worth $3,000, that piece is only covered up to $2,000. If you have a lot of valuable items in your home, this may leave you in a bind should something ever happen. 

How Do I Get More Coverage?

Take stock of your valuable items in your home near Blue Ridge, GA to determine if you have a lot of special items that may need additional coverage. An insurance agent at The Insurance Mart can help you figure out if you need extra coverage, and they can set you up with a policy if you don’t already have one in place. We want to make sure you’re covered no matter what life throws at you!

Insuring a Historical Home and Other Unique Residential Properties

There are many historic properties in Georgia. Most are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Insuring a home that is of historical significance is somewhat challenging because if the home gets damaged, simple repairs are not sufficient. To maintain the historic designation, a damaged historic home must be restored to the exact condition before the damage occurred, using the same type of materials that were originally used.

The trouble is that restoration, when compared to repairs, is much more expensive and materials of the proper kind may be very difficult to find. For this reason, a historic home needs to be insured for the restoration value, not just the replacement value.

Appraisal Requirement

Usually, the insurance company will send out an appraiser who has the skill and experience in estimating the restoration costs. The appraiser should note any special characteristics of the home and if it includes any antiques, in order to make a good estimate of the insurance coverage needed.

It is important to work with your agent at The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA in order to take the proper steps to get the appraiser to visit the home. Antiques and artwork in the home are likely to need a separate insurance policy if they have significant value.

Restorations and Upgrades

If the home needs restoration when you buy it, the insurance needs to be upgraded at regular intervals. As the restoration progresses the value of the home increases. It is a good idea to install modern safety features, such as smoke alarms if any restoration is begin made. These do not detract from the historic value and add more protection for fire risk, which may positively impact insurance premiums.


Owning a historic home conveys a great sense of pride in ownership. Contact your agent at The Insurance Mart, serving Blue Ridge, GA and the surrounding area, when considering buying a historic home to be sure that the insurance coverage is adequate for your needs.

Homeowner’s Insurance: Valuing the Invaluable

The purchase of a house is generally the largest investment of anyone’s life. And the home in which your family lives must be protected. Avoiding risk and selecting an appropriate amount of insurance coverage best accomplishes this. For homes in and around the Blue Ridge, GA area, the insurance professionals at The Insurance Mart are ready to help homeowner’s with their insurance needs, including guidance regarding the three valuation methods that can be used to safely estimate the value of the items to be covered by their homeowner’s policy.

Replacement Cost

Replacement Cost is the actual cost to buy the necessary materials and fund the labor costs to restore the property to its undamaged status.  It is noted that homeowner’s insurance policies are written with a maximum provision that limits the policy’s payout, to protect the insurer from dramatic market fluctuations.

Actual Cash Value

Actual Cash Value can be simply calculated by subtracting the depreciated value from the item’s replacement cost. An Actual Cash Value policy will have a lower payout than the Replacement Cost, however, they are not written with maximum payout provisions. 

Market Value

The Market Value of a home is the indicated value of a home on the open market if a similar match could even be found. It might appear that the Market Value approach is the fairest method however, the American Insurance Association cautions homeowners to opt out of this method.  Market Value includes the cost of land, which would have no need to be rebuilt. 


The Take-Away

Before deciding upon which valuation method to use for your home’s insurance coverage in and around Blue Ridge, GA, reach out to a licensed agent at The Insurance Mart to allow them to assist in the entire insurance process. 

Why You Need Secondary Homeowners’ Insurance Year Round

Everyone knows that having homeowners’ insurance is a must year round, but did you know that you should have your insurance to extend liability coverage to your vacation or rental property? It is important to protect yourself because the likelihood of a covered event is increased with secondary homes.

Extended Coverage

When you purchase or rent a second home or vacation home, you should also have your primary home insurance to extend liability insurance to cover that residence year round. There could be a covered event when you are away, so you should ensure you are protected if that incident occurs. Determine the cost of the property and any contents and select the next dollar value offered to adequately cover the replacement cost of the property. Some people may feel that you should only have insurance for a portion of the year when the home is in use, but that is not the case and should be avoided.

Adding A Second Home

If you purchase or rent a second home, make sure you talk to your insurance agent and let them help you work out the specifics of your policy. If you wish to purchases additional umbrellas coverage you may want to consider doing so. Ask about addition Personal Umbrella Protection or PUP, that can go up to $1 million in coverage. For more information about second home insurance, call or stop by Blue Ridge, GA, The Insurance Mart and let our agents help you decide what type of protection is right for your second home.

Don’t leave your second residence vulnerable. Get the coverage you need year round with additional second home insurance from Blue Ridge, GA, The Insurance Mart and have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your second home when you are ready to get away.