Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance keeps you from having to pay for any sort of damages that you might cause to your apartment or the building your apartment is in or to any other apartment in the building.  It can also keep you protected if you are deemed to be responsible for an injury to anyone in your apartment.  Without this coverage, you might end up losing your apartment and still be held liable for damages.

It is also what will cover you in case there is a fire or there is water damage to your apartment or if you happen to be robbed.

Renter’s insurance might not be something that is required by law, but it is just as important as any other type of insurance.  It will protect your personal belongings as well as assist you with temporary housing and even liability.  Once you have made the decision that you need this type of insurance, you will need to know your options so that you will be able to choose the policy that will be right for you.

Here are some things to consider.

How much coverage do you need?  While you don’t need to place a value on each item that you own, a value will be determined for all of your belongings collectively.

Deductible – this will be what you need to consider when it comes to what you would be able to pay out of pocket before the actual insurance will kick in.

If you are in the Blue Ridge, GA area and are considering protecting your belongings with renter’s insurance, call or come by The Insurance Mart today.  We have knowledgeable agents standing by to help you understand what types of coverages you need and to make sure that you get everything taken care of.