Why your small business needs commercial insurance

All businesses are at risk. The failure rate for businesses is astronomical. Small businesses are even more vulnerable. One in five new companies will fail within two years, and only 25% will make it to 15 years. Many of the things that cause businesses to fail can be mitigated with commercial insurance. At The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA, we provide our customers with the benefit of our commercial insurance experience when creating the perfect policy for their business. 

A covered hazard hits your business.

It could be a fire or a theft, but suddenly you don’t have what you need to operate your business. If you don’t have commercial property insurance, you might have to close your door immediately. Commercial property insurance will cover the loss of your business equipment, tools, electronics, raw materials, and inventory. You should be able to be back up and running in less time than you probably expect. 

Someone is injured at your business or by your product

About one in three businesses will be sued every year. What happens if this is your year? How would you pay for injuries and maybe a judgment against you? Does your business have the cash that it could take? Many don’t. If you can’t pay the judgment you might have to close your doors. This can be avoided with commercial liability insurance. 

Your business is closed temporarily, but you can’t pay your bills

When you have to temporarily close your doors while you recover from a covered hazard, you won’t have income, which can make it challenging to meet your normal expenses. This won’t be a problem if you have business interruption insurance. 

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