Does my home insurance policy cover jewelry, paintings, and other valuables?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers everything in your home, right? Well, maybe not. It’s always best to look at your own policy, so talk to an insurance agent at The Insurance Mart near Blue Ridge, GA to determine your coverage, but in general, your valuables are not fully covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What is Covered?

All policies are different, but most home insurance policies cover damage to your home, garage, or other buildings, such as a shed. They also cover items inside your home, such as furniture and clothing. For jewelry, paintings, and other valuables, most policies only cover these items up to a certain amount, and there is often a single item amount as well as a group amount.

How Does This Work?

We’ll look at jewelry as an example. Your policy may cover the overall category of jewelry up to $4,000, and any given single piece up to $2,000. This means if your jewelry is stolen, the maximum amount that you will get compensated for is $4,000, even if $10,000 worth of jewelry was stolen. Similarly, if you have a single piece of jewelry worth $3,000, that piece is only covered up to $2,000. If you have a lot of valuable items in your home, this may leave you in a bind should something ever happen. 

How Do I Get More Coverage?

Take stock of your valuable items in your home near Blue Ridge, GA to determine if you have a lot of special items that may need additional coverage. An insurance agent at The Insurance Mart can help you figure out if you need extra coverage, and they can set you up with a policy if you don’t already have one in place. We want to make sure you’re covered no matter what life throws at you!