Three Ways Commercial Insurance Protects Your Employees

As a business owner with employees, having commercial insurance available is one of the best things you can do for them. Commercial insurance aids in the daily operation of your business while providing some security to your employees, as detailed below. 

1. Protection When Hurt

Worker’s compensation is a critical component of commercial insurance. If an employee gets injured on the job, they can access this policy for financial resources during their recovery. This policy covers treatment expenses and, depending on the injured employee’s capacity to work during recovery, may also provide a small stipend. Commercial insurance also shields your business from potential lawsuits by providing benefits to the injured employee, thereby protecting business assets. 

2. Income Protection

Some aspects of commercial insurance help ensure you can continue paying your employees during an income interruption. If unforeseen circumstances cause your business to shut down, you can leverage your commercial insurance to keep paying your employees. This feature protects your business by maintaining the most crucial employees who you might not want to risk losing to other employers.

3. Financial Protection

As a business owner, liability insurance is essential to have readily available funds to cover expenses if your employee is held responsible in court. The legal issue could range from physical harm caused to someone to accusations of defamation. Regardless of the circumstance, your liability insurance can cover these expenses, preventing you and the culpable employee from spending out of pocket.

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