What Is Secondary Dwelling Insurance, and What does it Cover?

Do you have a second home in Blue Ridge, GA? Wondering whether you need a new home insurance policy, or you can extend your current insurance plan to cover your second home? All these are questions that tend to worry many homeowners with more than one home. However,

The Insurance Mart is here to shed light on secondary dwelling insurance — coverage you may need if you have two or more homes.

What is secondary dwelling insurance?

This policy covers your second home the same way your primary home insurance protects your current home. You may think of extending your current home insurance to your second home, but this may not work since your new home has unique risks. For sure, you can extend liability coverage to your new home, but what about damages and losses? As such, you need secondary dwelling insurance.

What does secondary dwelling insurance cover?

How do you want to use your second home? Perhaps, you want to use your new home as a vacation house, or you simply want to rent it out. Whatever the reason, here are the coverage options you can opt for your new home:

  • Dwelling coverage: It protects your home against physical damage. Besides, your coverage can protect detached structures like the shed, garage, and fence at an additional premium.
  • Liability coverage: Just like your primary home, you can be held responsible for injuries and property damage you cause to other people.
  • Flood insurance: You need to consider a flood insurance endorsement if your home is located in a flood risk zone.
  • Rental coverage: If your second home is a rental, you need rental coverages to help you avoid financial losses.

Would you like to invest in secondary dwelling insurance in Blue Ridge, GA? Please get in touch with The Insurance Mart for an affordable quote.