Secondary residence insurance

The mountains of northern Georgia are becoming a popular place for people to have a secondary home or a vacation home. Coastal areas have those as well, and if you have one, you will need insurance just as you do for your primary residence. The Insurance Mart of Blue Ridge, GA can help you get the coverage you need for that vacation home.

Generally speaking, insurance is very similar to the protection you have on your primary residence. You can easily add another policy to cover your second home. That is the easy part, getting into the details is more complicated.

The cost for the policy itself is not much more expensive, but there is usually an added charge of between 10 and 20 percent for the secondary home policy.  Whether you use that property as a rental when you are not vacationing there also makes a difference as to the type of policy you will need. Renting it out just a few times a year, however, is different.

The biggest drawback and the biggest risk is the fact that vacation homes are usually not inhabited for long periods of time. There is no one there to notice a broken window, for instance, or no one there to call the fire department if needed, so that makes the risk greater for insurance companies. Rural isolation, as you might find in North Georgia, can also increase the risk. 

Call, visit online, or stop by  The Insurance Mart in Blue Ridge, GA to find the insurance coverage you need. Consider an umbrella policy to make sure you have your assets protected.  Fair rental income protection is also an option if you rent your property. This policy would replace lost income from tenting if your property is destroyed or damaged severely.