Three common myths about recreational insurance

Being well-informed is essential to make the right choices about recreational insurance in Blue Ridge, GA. When you’re ready to get a quote on a recreational insurance policy, we can help you at The Insurance Mart.

The following are three common myths to be aware of regarding recreational insurance. 

Consumers don’t need recreational insurance.

In many cases, recreational insurance is not optional. For example, recreational insurance is never optional if you insure an RV that you will drive on public roadways.

In this case, you have to meet state coverage minimums for vehicle insurance, just like you do when you drive a car or truck on public roads. 

Recreational insurance and auto insurance are pretty much the same.

There are some differences to be aware of regarding recreational and auto insurance.

Recreational insurance policies are designed to address the unique risks that recreational vehicle owners face. For example, they typically have higher liability limits than standard auto insurance. 

Recreational insurance is only needed if you use your recreational vehicle on public roads. 

Some recreational vehicle owners might not need to use their vehicles on public roads. For example, some RV owners might live in their RV but don’t travel in it.

Even if you don’t use your RV on public roads, carrying recreational insurance is still a good idea. You can still face liability expenses or collision damage to your RV even if you don’t take it on public roads. 

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